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English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)

a kind of bitter stout

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Guinness has also tested a Guinness Extra Cold in the U.
The Born Again Basics programme, beginning in London, will teach them to pour Guinness in two stages at a strict temperature of 6C - or at 4C when serving Guinness Extra Cold.
05 on Wednesday, refused to race, while The Tippler was running well in the Guinness Extra Cold Bumper until he stopped for a swift half at the three-pole.
We wanted to broaden what Guinness has to offer, and we did that in an number of ways, one being Guinness Extra Cold.
The judging panel will be looking for innovative and creative campaigns that can emulate the success of last year's Grand Prix winner -- the Guinness Extra Cold national press campaign.
The system will be available only for Guinness Extra Cold and installed in busy bars.
He ran a fine race in the Chester Cup and he comes back on Friday for the Guinness Extra Cold Race.
I notice you're doing a Guinness Extra Cold in Ireland?