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English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)

a kind of bitter stout

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00 (435m): Moss Row Shea, Guinness Boss, NicolaSapphire,TincurryGypsy(M),ToggleForward(W), Mill Kalahari (W).
I want apply to Guinness World Records," said Yakycy.
According to Guinness guidelines, both members of each couple have to stay wrapped around each other at all times and will be allowed five minute rest breaks permitted each hour to comply with health and safety.
GUINNESS World Records, a reference book containing a collection of world records, formally presented Almajdouie Logistics a certificate declaring the company had moved the heaviest object by road freight.
Yn 'l y papur, mae'n bosib y caiff Charlie Harris, sydd erbyn hyn yn bedwar mis oed, le yn llyfr mawr recordiau byd Guinness, ar 'l i'w dad-cu, Noel Harris, ei gofrestru yn y llyfrgell leol pan oedd ond prin un rhan o dair drwy ei ddiwrnod cyntaf o fywyd.
Ivor Grattan Guinnes describes Russell's paradox as a true paradox, a double contradiction, not another neo-Hegelian puzzle to be resolved by synthesis (2000: 311).
Sardar Mohammed, 23, of Guinnes Court, Snowfield, London, no insurance, fined pounds 400 plus pounds 43 costs.
Son Of Mary started at a prohibitive 3-1 on for the Guinnes Median Auction Maiden and he woneven easier than his price would suggest.
He did that in Japan when he was invited over as a guest of the Guinnes Book of Records.
50; Above, Butterfly bedlinen by Lulu Guinnes at Debenhams; Fine dining with Mulberry Hall, available by mail order on: 01904 620736; Below, beaded baskets from Bombay Duck, pounds 21 for the set
Date of Name of commencement Clients/products agency of operation Affiliated to handheld Lowe Lintas & 1983 LINTAS PT Unilever, Astra, Partners International Bank Niaga, BCA, Kiwi, Nestle, Ajinomoto Indo Ad 1970 Ogilvy & PT Unilever, Astra, Mather Guinnes, Food Specialities, Carrier, American Express, etc.
In 1961 the new Tesco store in Leicester had 16,500 square feet of selling space and went into the Guinnes Book of Records as the largest store in Europe.
Four of the seven are leased from Guinnes Peat Aviation |GPA~.
Do you see Guinnes as an increasingly international company?
From now until the end of November, Guinnes Import Co.