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a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings

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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic

a west African bird having dark plumage mottled with white

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Pot 2 : Cameroun, Congo, Guinee, RD Congo, Tunisie.
Le Sommet a eu lieu recemment en Guinee equatoriale, qui a porte sur le theme de la securite alimentaire en Afrique et d'autres questions liees a la paix et la securite dans dans le continent.
Guinee was a truck driver for Consolidated Beverages for 35 years, retiring several years ago.
Given AIG's visibility and questionable financial stability, they are highly likely to renew," Guinee said.
Dr Guinee has more than 41 peer-reviewed publications predominantly in the field of pulmonary pathology.
Evil Patrick Hogan beat 23-year-old doctor Karen Guinee with a hammer before calling his parents and asking them to send the gardai round to their flat.
After 25 years, Les Amazones de Guinee have released their third album, Wamato.
David John Guinee, 28, and his wife had been drinking at home with friends, the first social evening since their baby was born.
The film, which was written by Ali Selim, who will also direct the film, will co-star Ned Beatty, Lois Smith, Tim Guinee, Elizabeth Reaser, Gil Bellows and Tom Gilroy.
Amazones: The Women Master Drummers of Guinea, will be busy in the days leading up to their Hult Center performance with Les Percussions de Guinee at 8 p.
Parker Posey and Tim Guinee star in the second of three segments in ``Personal Velocity.
The story focuses on Captain Paul Turner, played by Tim Guinee, who was exposed to a biological agent in the Kuwaiti Desert in 1991.
These rhymes may be for whales just what moon, spoon, and June do for human crooners, suggest Linda Guinee and Katy Payne of Cornell University.
She has a great background for the job because she understands that turnarounds are a combination of marketing skills and financial issues, and she can do both," says Katie Guinee, senior analyst at Moody's Investors Service.