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a person who is subjected to experimental or other observational procedures

stout-bodied nearly tailless domesticated cavy


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Effect of dietary vitamin E levels on fatty acid profiles and nonenzymatic lipid peroxidation in the guineapig liver.
Nevertheless, Nathan Schlanger, aided by an impressive metaphorical menagerie of guineapigs, Trojan horses, red herrings and canaries, paints a picture of a lively and articulate workforce ready for new adventures in new lands (2).
granatum fruit and its chloroform fraction against different experimental gastric ulcer models in rats and duodenal ulcers in guineapigs and also to identify the active constituents responsible for these gastroprotective effects along with its mechanism of action.
In experimental tuberculosis, different animals models such as guineapigs, mice and rats have been used since a long time (3).
RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE - in which a celeb will have to manoeuvre a small jeep across a high wire highway over water Show adviser Chris Lore, who devised the trials and tested them on Aussie guineapigs, bragged: "One tough bloke flatly refused to even embark on one of the trials.
The audience was happy enough to be guineapigs and with the whole performance coming in at just over an-hour and-a-half, no body can say that they didn't get their fiver's worth.
All five of the retailers under our spotlight managed to keep their cool and provide our internet guineapigs with a virtually stress-free ordering and delivery experience for the 33 goods in The Grocer 33 list on the previous page.
Dr Sue Mayer, of GeneWatch UK, said: "People are effectively going to be used as guineapigs.