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a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings

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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic

a west African bird having dark plumage mottled with white

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The closest the book gets to confronting Mead's lasting legacy, her specific contribution to Western images of Papua New Guineans and Samoans, is by lamenting anthropology's fabrication of persistent images of Pacific Islanders.
Papua New Guineans would enjoy ease of travel as never before, said by Mr Pato.
The African Union Commission condemned the "indiscriminate firing on unarmed civilians", and urged Guinean officials to respect freedom of expression and assembly.
The dominant traffickers in the Guinean drug trade come from Nigeria, Colombia and Ghana.
Camara has blamed uncontrollable elements within the Guinean army for the killings, saying he cannot be held responsible.
Guineans have also responded well to 'Train-the-Trainer" programs and with successes such as these, the optimism that is spreading throughout Guinea following its first free election could also have a positive effect on local law enforcement.
Guineans are also becoming increasingly frustrated with inflation and the rise in the cost of living.
General Mamadouba "Toto" Camara, the Guinean number two, was also receiving medical treatment in Morocco.
In one day about 800 Guineans, mostly shop-owners and money-changers were confirmed to have wound up their enterprises and left the country because they felt they could not afford to pay what Budget 2003 was asking of them.
It was the debt that Australians felt towards the Papua New Guineans after the War that led to a `New Deal' and eventual Independence thirty years later.
In the new work, molecular biologist Linda Vigilant of Pennsylvania State University in University Park and her colleagues studied mitochondrial DNA -- located outside the cell nucleus and inherited only from the mother -- obtained from 121 native Africans, 20 Papua New Guineans, one native Australian, 15 Europeans, 24 Asians and eight Americans of African descent.
On 24th Oct, the UAE delegation held discussion with Guineans Prime Minister Mohamed stated Fofana and Finance Minister Kerfalla Yansane.
Alas, Hiery seems far too busy fashioning his own myths about German rule in the Pacific (and rehashing old ones, such as that promulgated by Dinglreiter and others) to be seriously concerned with how Papua New Guineans, Samoans or Marshall Islanders perceived German role.
The management staff is a mix of Guineans and expatriates who comes from all over the world and from companies with radically different organizational cultures.
That is, Guineans play football and practice karate.