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a native or inhabitant of Guinea

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Ghandour handed the Guinean president a message from president Bashir.
The Papua New Guinean has been sidelined for the past month and a half with a broken leg, Gene revealing some positive progress.
We need to build a strong, competitive Guinean private sector capable of creating jobs - empowering our youth and women who are the drivers of change.
Mark Mexico, Garry Lo, Charlie Wabo and Jason Tali have all been on Tyneside for more than a week now, drawn to the ambitious Championship One outfit by Thunder head coach and Papua New Guinean great Stanley Gene.
In his message, Jahangiri also congratulated the Guinean government and nation on the occasion.
Among the dead were three Guinean radio journalists who had been covering the education efforts.
Guinea is ready to welcome Moroccan investments and reaches out to the kingdom's businessmen to promote a win-win strategic partnership with their Guinean peers," the Guinean Prime Minister said at the Moroccan-Guinean Economic Forum under the theme: "Cap Guinea: Building an Economy, Opportunities to Seize.
The Equatorial Guinean president awarded Mehleb the First Class Independence Medal, a traditional award given by the African government, "in recognition of the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, and in honour of the prominent and pivotal role played by Mehleb to strengthen bonds of cooperation between Egypt and Equatorial Guinea and Egypt over the past years," according to a statement issued by the Egyptian cabinet.
From April 17 to 24, Guinean disease treatment centers recorded six new dead cases, of which one was in capital Conakry and five in the southern Guekedou prefecture, said Keita.
President of Guinea Alpha Conde praised the assistance provided by the foundation to the Guinean people during an official ceremony in Conakry, especially noting the medical aid that contributed significantly to the improvement of health services in the country.
Syrian star Jamal Suliman was gossiped to have been held up at the Cairo Airport upon his return from a trip due to the fact that he was using an expired Guinean passport.
Following further appeals against these unfounded and illegal decisions, the Guinean Court of Appeal in Conakry (la Chambre d'accusation), comprising three judges, ruled on 6 August 2013.
During a meeting in Tehran on Tuesday, the Iranian president and the Guinean foreign minister underlined the need for bolstering and reinvigorating bilateral ties.
An increasing number of drug seizures at Guinean ports, as well as international seizures traced back to Guinea indicate that the volume of drug trafficking through the country is increasing.
The Guinean government is now conducting a review of certain mining contracts, including allegations of impropriety surrounding the confiscation, transfer and sale of the BSRG/Vale section of the project-allegations which BSRG and Vale emphatically deny.