Guinea worm disease

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a painful and debilitating infestation contracted by drinking stagnant water contaminated with Guinea worm larvae that can mature inside a human's abdomen until the worm emerges through a painful blister in the person's skin

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From 1986 to 2012, there has been a significant decline in dracunculiasis or Guinea worm disease prevalence worldwide.
Krasner (biology, Providence College) gives the background and the real stories behind the development of the Salk polio vaccine and nine other projects to cure, treat or resist such plagues as Chagas Disease, typhus, influenza, smallpox, prion diseases, AIDS, bacterially based ulcers, and Guinea worm disease, as well as the development of the first antibiotics.
Along with the success against smallpox came strides against polio, malaria, measles, guinea worm disease, and other nemeses.
Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi on Friday pledged Japan's financial assistance to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and their worldwide efforts to fight Guinea worm disease, Foreign Ministry officials said.
The latter includes expanded immunization programs and reduction of polio, measles, yaws, rabies, "river blindness," and the Guinea worm disease.
During the 1980s, for example, WHO launched a series of grassroots education campaigns in Africa to prevent guinea worm disease.
Merck Chemical and similar groups help the Carter Center to prevent river blindness and eradicate guinea worm disease in 16 African nations.
role in the World Health Organization's worldwide campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease.
Only five cases of Guinea worm disease have been reported worldwide in 2015: It's a race, Carter acknowledges, between him and the Guinea worm to see which outlasts the other.
The Center organised different health campaigns in the past year to eradicate Dracunculiasis, also called Guinea worm disease, river blindness, and Tranchoma.
You never hear about problems with Jimmy Carter's foundation; he just quietly goes around the world eradicating Guinea worm disease.
Hopkins has focused on eradicating smallpox and Guinea worm disease as well as battling a host of other diseases that impact the world's most impoverished communities.
Since 1995, the Carter Center has worked to help reduce cases of Guinea worm disease in Sudan and South Sudan through its Guinea Worm Eradication Program.
Sudan's foreign ministry said the visit is a continuation of previous ones to the country, pointing that it will focus on several issues including combating Guinea worm disease and Sudan's 2015 general elections besides sponsoring a dialogue initiative between intellectuals of Sudan and South Sudan.