Guinea worm disease

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a painful and debilitating infestation contracted by drinking stagnant water contaminated with Guinea worm larvae that can mature inside a human's abdomen until the worm emerges through a painful blister in the person's skin

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I am pleased to announce that South Sudan has gone 12 months of zero cases of guinea worm disease since the last case was reported in November 2016," Kok said.
The government placed the Sh100,000 cash reward in 2015 to anyone who would find any indigenous case of Guinea Worm disease in Kenya.
Because most cases of Guinea worm disease occur in areas known for intense artisanal fishing and residents' dependence on fish protein, it is likely that fish and other aquatic animals play a role in transmission.
When the Carter Center joined the fight against Guinea worm disease, there were about 3.
Yokouide adds, the surveillance system is very much essential to eliminate cases of Guinea worm disease, which could be existing in some parts of the country.
Bill and Melinda Gates foresee eradicating four more in the next 15 years: polio and Guinea worm disease and, for the other two, perhaps elephantiasis and blinding trachoma.
Infectious diseases doctor Jonathan Darby explains that the person infected with Guinea worm disease (GWD) most likely drank water that contained the larvae.
It has also played a remarkable role in the eradication of small pox and guinea worm disease and has been in the forefront for the eradication of Polio from Pakistan.
Infectious Disease includes research on sleeping sickness and Guinea worm disease, as well as more familiar diseases.
According to The Daily Mail, cases of Guinea worm disease have fallen by 99 percent from 3.
New commitments from partners will close the funding gap to eradicate Guinea worm disease and expedite progress toward the 2020 goals of elimination for lymphatic filariasis, blinding trachoma, sleeping sickness and leprosy, and control of soil-transmitted helminthes, schistosomiasis, river blindness, Chagas disease and visceral leishmaniasis.
One of the more remarkable health success stories is the near eradication of guinea worm disease, a global campaign launched by the U.
When Jimmy Carter made elimination of guinea worm disease in Africa his main goal in 1986, there were an estimated 3.
Once goals were set, smallpox, guinea worm disease and yaws were eliminated, virtually on time (1).
Krasner (biology, Providence College) gives the background and the real stories behind the development of the Salk polio vaccine and nine other projects to cure, treat or resist such plagues as Chagas Disease, typhus, influenza, smallpox, prion diseases, AIDS, bacterially based ulcers, and Guinea worm disease, as well as the development of the first antibiotics.