Guinea worm

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a painful and debilitating infestation contracted by drinking stagnant water contaminated with Guinea worm larvae that can mature inside a human's abdomen until the worm emerges through a painful blister in the person's skin

parasitic roundworm of India and Africa that lives in the abdomen or beneath the skin of humans and other vertebrates

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The key to preventing the spread of guinea worm is having a clean water supply," explained David Winder, CEO of WaterAid, America.
guinea worm infection and diarrhoeal disease among young children.
The work at the center will focus on providing children with proper nutrition and vitamins; educating people in personal hygiene, health and wound care; dispensing medicine; teaching residents how to properly strain water to prevent contracting Guinea worm, and how to prevent other diseases.
Guinea worm infections are unpleasant and can be crippling.
Guinea Worm is a parasite common in places where stagnant ponds or other unprotected water sources are used for drinking and in the household.
It is reportedly working on the eradication of guinea worm, a water-borne parasite, in South Sudan.
The Carter Center, set up by former US president Jimmy Carter, is working in South Sudan in several areas, including trying to eradicate guinea worm, a particularly painful water-borne parasite.
Doctors took an x-ray of the foot and discovered two disintegrated sections of a meter-long Guinea worm in the lower calf and foot.
The winning Center achieved highly admirable success with its health programs and initiatives, most notably the Guinea Worm Eradication Program.
Polio and guinea worm are close to being beaten but obstacles, including political violence, remain.
And Bourdain warns against parasites, such as Guinea worm, "a six-foot-tall subcutaneous worm that travels right under the skin.
Chukwu highlighted Nigeria's giant strides in healthcare services, stating that beyond phasing out guinea worm in Nigeria, government is "fully committed to the eradication of poliomyelitis within its borders and globally.
Guinea worm is a tropical disease in which a worm moves through the body under the skin and causes intense pain and lifelong disabilities.
Shaikha Lubna added the UAE also joined global efforts to support health initiatives such as the elimination of guinea worm disease in Africa; the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations to increase access to immunisation in developing countries; and the Roll Back Malaria programme, an international partnership dedicated to combating the spread of the disease.
He has also acted as an advisor to the World Health Organisation on disease control programmes for sleeping sickness, river blindness, elephantiasis and guinea worm.