Guinea corn

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sorghums of dry regions of Asia and North Africa

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mobilis were used simultaneously on guinea corn husk and millet husk respectively.
The four agro-wastes (Groundnut shell, Rice husks, Millet husks, and Guinea corn stalks) were collected from agro-processing centers in Sokoto metropolis of Sokoto State.
Archival evidence supports a diet largely of plants such as guinea corn (sorghum) and sugar cane but with limited protein.
The food and cash crops on which data were collected were yam, cassava, cocoyam, rice, maize, guinea corn, millet, cowpea, soyabean, ground nut, bambara groundnut and pigeon pea.
Growing rice with a labor force of slaves, southerners were much more likely to eat rice or peanuts along with local game and Native American and African-American crops such as Indian and Guinea corn.
I've heard that on slave ships it's called guinea corn, and in that way I guess it links the new world to the old one.
This situation made Victoria invite her mother who is a widow to come over and help her husband harvest their farm produce of yam and guinea corn since she was very busy with her shop business in Lafia.