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We are very pleased about the not guilty verdict and that justice prevailed for Anne Mitchell," stated Susy Sportsman, PhD, RN, president of TNA.
Among 132 cases, in fact, 113 (86%) ended in a guilty plea or guilty verdict.
And after three hours, it returned a guilty verdict.
LOS ANGELES -- The following UCLA School of Law professor is available for interviews regarding the guilty verdict of George Weller, the 89-year-old man whose car tore through a Santa Monica, Calif.
31 ( ANI ): An appeals court in Florence on Thursday upheld the guilty verdict against US student Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007.
The victim and members of her family broke down in tears as the jury delivered a unanimous guilty verdict against the 83-year-old on one count and majority guilty verdicts on a further four.
Before the guilty verdict was delivered, the judge addressed Moakes' three victims who were all present in court.
Dawber mouthed 'oh no' as the first guilty verdict was delivered by the foreman.
THE family of Meredith Kercher's murderer Amanda Knox will immediately begin the process of appealing against her guilty verdict, a spokesman said today.
King, who at the time of the assault in February 2005 lived in St Paul's Crescent, Pelsall, Walsall, had denied the sex assault charge, but a jury of seven men and five women returned an 11-1 majority guilty verdict.
Ashley Cole's legal team admit it is "very likely" they will take a restraint of trade case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after losing their appeal against his guilty verdict in the tapping-up row with Chelsea.
Maybe someone's betting that there will be a guilty verdict by next Friday.
A panel of three judges held that the guilty verdict was unsafe.
The jury foreman gave the guilty verdict against Evans, as he threw the headphones he was using to follow the trial on the floor, and looked stunned.
The only alternative was a simple not guilty verdict.