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small black or brown speckled auks of northern seas

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It estimates that thousands of guillemots have died, mostly by drowning, but is baffled as to why no other species of auk has been affected.
Guillemot eggs are specially adapted for life on cliffs.
PATRICK WOLF TIME OF MY LIFE Vocally it's similar to 80s synth act Fiction Factory but musically it's not a million miles away from Fyfe Dangerfield's library rockers Guillemots.
I think it would have been a waste of everyone's potential if Guillemots had done a record like that.
SEABIRDS such as guillemots and kittiwakes are struggling to breed again this year in Wales and the rest of the UK, according to the RSPB.
APPRECIATED The Guillemots, who played at Newcastle University last night, make no concessions to commercialism.
Shooting parties would also sail past the islands and indiscriminately shoot guillemots and other birds.
My girlfriend and I stayed in Arran for a weekend a few weeks ago and I saw guillemots for the first time since naming the band, which was something I've been looking forward to doing.
GETTING READY TO ROCK: Workmen begin constructing the stage for the Greenhead Park concerts ready for The Guillemots (top left) and Elliot Minor (AC240608Bstage-2); CLASSICAL: Huddersfield Choral Society perform in St George's Square last summer
At Sumburgh Head, in Shetland, guillemots and razorbills appear to have stopped attempting to breed, abandoning their eggs to feed.
The record, the first release on Smethwick-based Ma Doocey Records, also features a guest appearance by bass clarinettist and Guillemots regular Chris Cundy.
For the Arctic fox, who sheds her erminewhite winter coat to blend in with the grey tundra, food drops fromthe sky as fledging guillemots plummet from cliff-face nests.
Technological let-downs did mean we were treated to a ten second blast of a work in progress Guillemots track, as well as Fyfe revealing a smattering of titbits - such as the most exciting thing he'd done on the day of the gig was go on a hunt for Duracell batteries.
And it also shows a direct link between a warmer climate in the North Atlantic and a higher mortality rate among British guillemots.
Supporting Guillemots will be York indie pop band Elliot Minor, Irish urban music stars The Script and three bands with Huddersfield connections - Northern Beats, Project Sunset and Buen Chico.