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WHEN THE POET GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE ENLISTED IN the French artillery in December of 1914, his friends received the news with deep dismay.
1) Guillaume Apollinaire, "The Song of the Poorly Loved", Alcools, translated by Anne Hyde Greet (University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, 1965, page 37).
39), the influence of the poet Guillaume Apollinaire on him as a young man in Paris and a group of artists including Ferdinand Leger who were protagonists of the Orphism movement.
Also in this room are the books where John finds inspiration, such as the John Donne love poem The Ecstasy, which includes reference to "that subtle knot" and the works of the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire, whose poem Un Oiseau Chante (A Bird is Singing), recalling birdsong in the trenches of the First World War, set him on course for the Halle commission.
Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Weber, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound), it represented the creative imagination often conceived as spatial or temporal voyage.
In his collection "Calligrammes," French writer and poet Guillaume Apollinaire described his work as "shape poetry.
La policia acusaria del robo a Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918), poeta y escritor frances de la vanguardia, quien habia propuesto quemar el Louvre, porque "encarcelaba el arte", y al mismisimo Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).
Chagall spent three years in Paris from 1911-14, creating his vibrant, experimental artworks and mixing with poets and writers like playwright and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire who described the painter's art as 'supernatural'.
Embora haja menos referencias a poetica de Guillaume Apollinaire nos seus textos, observamos que, em se tratando do pensamento apollinaireano.
There he met the poets Guillaume Apollinaire and Gertrude Stein, and through Stein, Matisse.
Guillaume Apollinaire, the surrealist poet, became a suspect as he was close to a Belgian con artist who had stolen Roman statues from the Louvre in 1907 -- statues that later ended up with Picasso.
These radical concepts immediately resonated with poets and writers, many of whom were also in Weber's Parisian circle: Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Delaunay, Gertrude Stein.
Past the Au Lapin Agile cafe, where poet Guillaume Apollinaire discussed Cubism with other founders of the Futurism movement, and the home of the composer Erik Satie.
Speaking in Welsh, Jayne Marciano, who teaches in Saundersfoot, quoted the words of the French poet, Guillaume Apollinaire, to summarise the experience - 'Come to the edge', he said.
Guillaume Apollinaire fue quien enuncio la idea de superrealismo hacia la cual han ido confluyendo las incursiones emprendidas con ocasion de observar las resonancias del descubrimiento de los rayos-x en la practica artistica de sus contemporaneos.