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Synonyms for guilder

the basic unit of money in Suriname

formerly the basic unit of money in the Netherlands

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According to Radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB), the debt would amount to 11,200 guilders today, which is roughly equivalent to 112 million euros ($136.
For example, if Peter owes me 100 guilders payable in two years by virtue of a loan or a sale-purchase contract, and I want to sell my bill of debt to you, then it is allowed for you to buy my right for 97 or 98 guilders.
In 1626, Native Americans sold the island of Manhattan to Dutch settlers for goods worth 60 guilders or pounds 300 in today's money.
Once he was paid 700 guilders, then an enormous sum, to paint "all the animals of the air and earth" (5).
Detectives kept them under surveillance and pounced on October 10, 2001, as Jeffreys and his girlfriend, Lucy Kift, 22, handed over pounds 145,000 in guilders to a gang member from Folkestone at an M4 service station near Reading.
Sales of supplies have not yet shown an increase in guilders.
The court was urged to fine him 75,000 guilders and to make an order seizing a further 160,000 under the seizure of criminal assets regulations.
The exchange rate of the local guilder has moved from just under 1,000 guilders to US$1 in March to 1,700 to US$1 in recent weeks;
60 guilders yesterday afternoon, off an earlier high of 54.
As reported, the company said in March that its net profit rose 27 percent in 1992 to 564 million guilders, buoyed by a one-time gain on a land sale.
NWO's budget in 2001 totals about 840 million guilders (approximately 380 million Euro).
Amounts of up to pounds 50,000 a time were changed into Dutch guilders and other currency.
Kumari, who wanted it changed into Dutch guilders, left but then returned a few minutes with her husband, it was alleged.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Tabular material giving detailed financial results in Dutch guilders follows text of press release.
thousands of Netherlands guilders, except per share figures)