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a form of socialist theory advocating state ownership of industry but managements by guilds of workers

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the Guild Socialist conception of democracy, which it assumes to be good, involves an active and not merely a passive citizenship on the part of the members.
In contrast to continental syndicalism, the more institutionally minded proposals of the Guild Socialists in Great Britain provide us with a slightly different perspective.
These factory committees were among the first attempts to include shop-floor workers in the running of production and some saw them not only as a vehicle for greater industrial efficiency, but also, in the words of the Labour intellectual and long-time guild socialist, G.
Glass, The Responsible Society: The Ideas of the English Guild Socialists, London: Longmans, 1966.
The essay then comments on the Fabians, the guild socialists, and post-1917 social democracy, noting the latter's abandonment of the concept of socialism as an alternative mode of production to the capitalist mode.
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