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Synonyms for Aquitaine

a region of southwestern France between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees


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7] 4236, dossier 10, letter addressed to Charon deumuron dan la rue de Steteruie no 15 a la Rochelle aremon de la Charente; pour remettre a tous compagnons Charon qui son en ville a la Rochelle; a Madame Voisin Mere des compagnons from compagnons de Bordeaux en guienne le 26.
Whether, as some say, they were brought to England by Richard the First on his return from the Holy Land; or whether, as Leibnitz affirms, they were the work of Otho when he was Lord or Seigneur of Oleron by the cession made to him by Richard of the provinces of Guienne and Poitou; or, again, whether, as Pardessus maintains (vol.