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Synonyms for guideline

Synonyms for guideline

a light line that is used in lettering to help align the letters

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a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action

a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior

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The clinical practice guideline contains systematically developed statements that include recommendations, strategies, or information that assists physicians and/or other health care practitioners and patients make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.
Final draft guideline expected on the Guidelines Web page by mid-2007.
The guidelines have already won the support of City Councilman Eric Dilan, chairman of the housing and building committee.
The new guidelines, only one page long, omit that material.
Gambrill sets the stage in a particularly clear fashion by contextualizing the evidence based practice movement, distinguishing between evidence based practice and practice guidelines, and providing implications for the development of social work practice knowledge.
The OECD guidelines were also closely followed by non-OECD countries, such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, India, South Africa and Venezuela, in implementing their TP rules.
Despite these limitations, these latest Guidelines definitely have some advantages over previous recommendations.
The new guidelines do not specify what drugs should be used, but refers to three-drug combinations recommended for treatment of persons already infected with HIV.
Clinical practice guidelines for physical therapy in cardiac rehabilitation.
Says Wood, "The main thrust of the guidelines is that you should work your way through the data first.
The Service Employees International Union (SEIU),on the other hand, was critical of the voluntary approach: "There is no incentive for employers to follow the guidelines, only excuses for not following them," said SEIU President Andrew L.
Smith said the old guidelines did not address many toys now on the market.
Reviewing Attorney General John Ashcroft's guidelines for terrorism investigations, civil libertarian Nat Hentoff warns that they "could be part of the new Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, which envisions the nabbing of 'pre-criminals.
They advocate development of clinical practice guidelines to assist and standardize practitioner treatment of particular medical conditions.
As AIDS experts dramatically shift their guidelines for drug therapy, those following the previous recommendations ask, "What now?
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