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a mountainous tableland in northern South America

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The book raises a number of interesting conceptual problems, though it does not achieve the intellectual complexity of the best, recent work on the Guianas, such as Miranda Spieler's 2012 interpretation of Guyane as "underworld" of empire.
Since it does indeed unite the histories of the three Guianas, if more as juxtaposition than as synthesis, it could offer a starting point to those seeking an overview of imperial trajectories in the region.
Guiana and the Shadows of Empire: Colonial and Cultural Negotiations at the Edge of the World.
Finally, as illustrated by the data in Table 1, and from our previous discussions, the Three Guianas exhibit a range of socio-economic differences.
The Three Guianas exhibit analogous--yet, in many ways, subtly different--patterns of settlement and development.
Fifth, and finally, there is the broader migratory impact; in all three Guianas, increasingly organized groups of Brazilian garimpeiros are gradually coming to dominate large parts of the industry.
Political difficulties in the 1980s all but choked off this trade in Suriname for well over a decade, but ecotourism is now again on the rise across the Guianas.
However, in a political world driven to compete for and capture natural resources--particularly with the advent of Brazil, China, and India as major players in the global marketplace--all three Guianas are receiving attention from old and new industrial superpowers in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago.
The name in fact represents an English corruption of a Spanish spelling of the name of a tribe living on the borders of Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil.
We hope that this book will be the first of several interdisciplinary archaeoecological publications about pre-Columbian peoples of Amazonia and the Guianas.
Consider, for example, the supposed pre-Columbian dating of all raised fields of French Guiana that is presented in several maps (pp.
Chapter 3, covering archaeological cultures, is agreeable except that the description of Ariste and Koriabo cultures fails to take into account recent studies in French Guiana that have produced important data concerning both of these cultures.
Ha uma questao geopolitica relevante por tras da construcao das usinas hidreletricas no Rio Mazaruni, que impacta diretamente as relacoes entre Brasil, Guiana e Venezuela.
No que segue, o artigo sera organizado da seguinte forma: na primeira parte, serao apresentadas as principais diretrizes do relacionamento entre Brasil e Guiana no marco da politica externa.
O distanciamento foi reforcado ainda pelas disputas fronteiricas, que contrapoem Guiana e Venezuela, Guiana e Suriname e Suriname e Guiana Francesa.