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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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Nick is also hoping two of his shows from last year, Wildest Dreams and Guesstimation, will return.
In this context we may caution that tax is a mere guesstimation, but it is important to be looked into with empirical data, which is not readily available at the web portal.
Despite his cheeky chappy charm having turned up on the box in nearly every other programme of late - DIY SOS, Fame Academy, Last Choir Real Rescues, Coast To Coast, National Lottery: Who Dares Wins, Guesstimation, the list goes on - Knowles packed his Panama and those sturdy desert boots that came in so useful for presenting Wild About Your Garden and headed for Heathrow.
My guesstimation is that floors will last 10 to 12 years if you take care of them properly.
Simulations would help find a suitable sample size, which is done by the construction of power curves and evaluation of different scenarios, given some guesstimation for prior parameters, which describe a very simple situation, when comparing two proportions in a balanced setting (they could be allelic proportions, genotype proportions in a dominant model, etc).
Without metrics, estimation would become guesstimation and the dates you give your customers become meaningless.
But improved offhand range guesstimation, varminting and just pure fun were only the beginning.
That cut of the usage revenue had been a deal-breaker because coming up with a figure for how much any particular content boosted subscribers' wireless usage was pure guesstimation.
This mathematical thema--the relationality of inscribed rectilinear to circumscribing curvilinear or spherical objects--also characterizes the indirect achievement of the Nova stereometria, which, along with a sustained annotation of Archimedes, touches on how Kepler observed wine merchants making accurate barrel content measurement by guesstimation (GW9: 10).
A washing machine factory doesn't produce as much revenue, but with a little back-of-envelope guesstimation, one can easily come up with some very alarming figures for loss of production worldwide.
The guesstimation procedure boiled down to reconciliate the one with the other, namely, making rates as reported deliver absolute values as indicated in statistics, and vice versa, that is, forcing absolute values to abide by rates.
When, in your guesstimation, will this country see a turnaround as relates to the softening economy?
The director general of the state's Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) tells Executive, "It's not a matter of point of view, it's not a matter of guesstimation.
This guesstimation has taken place without any contact with racecourses, either before the tariffs were drawn up or afterwards.
Darlington''s game went ahead with blue markings and the norm at non-league matches is to use sand but Boro went au natural only to see the lines quickly fade into the realms of guesstimation.