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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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Without metrics, estimation would become guesstimation and the dates you give your customers become meaningless.
But improved offhand range guesstimation, varminting and just pure fun were only the beginning.
The guesstimation procedure boiled down to reconciliate the one with the other, namely, making rates as reported deliver absolute values as indicated in statistics, and vice versa, that is, forcing absolute values to abide by rates.
I couldn't do quite that well on repeated readings--within 15 to 20 yards was more like it--but it's so far superior to human guesstimation that it's just no contest.
When, in your guesstimation, will this country see a turnaround as relates to the softening economy?
This guesstimation has taken place without any contact with racecourses, either before the tariffs were drawn up or afterwards.
Darlington''s game went ahead with blue markings and the norm at non-league matches is to use sand but Boro went au natural only to see the lines quickly fade into the realms of guesstimation.
It follows last year's busy schedule, which included Wildest Dreams, Real Rescues and family game show Guesstimation.
WHY does the BBC put on rubbish shows on Saturday night like Guesstimation, which then includes the Lottery draws?
To enter your guesstimation, visit the Nabisco website at http://www.
6 million viewers, while the National Lottery Guesstimation pulled in an even more dismal 2.
It's something of a guesstimation at this stage, but with the bends being that much smoother and easier to run, it is sure to result in quicker times," explained racing manager Chris Page.
Since 1999 he has fronted BBC One's DIY S OS, and healso worked on Last Choir Standing To the Ends of the Earth and Guesstimation.
Two of the trio are for Jeff Pearce as Guesstimation takes the seven-furlong handicap and Kelimutu the mile-and-a-half heat.
The grey made it a great day for racing's old timers at nine, with Guesstimation winning at the same age at Yarmouth and 12-year-old Brodessa striking at Catterick.