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Synonyms for guerrilla

freedom fighter


Synonyms for guerrilla

a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

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For example, Xiaoshan (near Hangzhou) and Wenzhou were wealthier and had active guerrillas before 1949, while Hangzhou's other districts had a developed economy but had little guerrilla activity.
4) External support for guerrillas is not essential for resiliency, but permitted/tolerated sanctuary in a neighboring country is a very desirable thing.
Kriger (2003: 65) vindicates this view in her reasoning that representations of guerrillas were symbols of "the indefatigable collective will of Zimbabweans to be the makers of their own history" and of "the glory of the final victory in unity", and "were an inspiration to especially the youth to emulate the heroes' ideals, values and actions".
In the Peninsular War the guerrillas had a unifying common goal and fought to support the regular armies; in the Civil War the Loyalists were not only overwhelmed by fascist military power, but rival militias also fought amongst themselves and the guerrillas disintegrated into brutal factions.
Army spokesman Romeo Brawner said Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas attacked the army convoy near Mulondo township in Lanao del Sur province.
Turkish radio sources quoted the hostage, a Turkish secretary, as saying the guerrillas had killed 14 people inside the mission.
Written by historian Larry Wood, whose articles have appeared in "Blue and Gray Magazine" and "Missouri Historical Review" among other periodicals, Other Noted Guerrillas of the Civil War in Missouri is a close study of the more overlooked guerrilla fighters in Missouri.
TURKEY'S military and civilian leaders held an emergency meeting to discuss escalating attacks by Kurdish guerrillas.
The violence does not stop with the cartels: The illicit drug trade is the main source of funding for the country's four-decade civil war, which pits Marxist guerrillas against extreme right-wing paramilitaries and the state.
Historically, the government has used housing camps to separate guerrillas from the general population, and to keep close watch over the people who aid them.
The hamlet saw both the guerrillas and the Bolivian army pass through town 37 years ago, just before Che's capture and execution nearby Che was a communist and an idealist, and he would likely have cringed at having his face marketed on T-shirts around the globe.
In his Mini-Manual for Urban Guerrillas, Brazilian Marxist Carlos Marighella prescribed a strategic formula for insurgents seeking to seize total power.
The show's first half was about what Nazi guerrillas did while the war was still on.