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(Arthurian legend) wife of King Arthur


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71: "But Merlin warned the king covertly that Guenever was not wholesome for him to take to wife, for he warned him that Launcelot should love her, and she him again; and so he turned his tale to the adventures of the Sangreal.
Dean Hurley, 25, a production controller, of Guenever Close, Thornhill, Cardiff, spends an average of pounds 4,000 a year following Cardiff City.
Late one evening, a servant brings the great knight Sir Lancelot a message saying that Queen Guenever, King Arthur's wife and Lancelot's only true love, awaits him in her chambers.
The artists who receive support through these grants -- including Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Trisha Brown, Jason Hwang, John Jesurun, Robbie McCauley, Yin Mei, Meredith Monk, Steven Sapp, Roger Guenever Smith, Elizabeth Streb and Cecil Taylor -- work in disciplines that range from opera to puppet theater.
The complaints of mum-of- three Caroline Morrish-Thomas, who lives in Guenever Close, were ignored after Cardiff's Licensing Sub Committee heard that 70 per cent of the venue's profits came from food.
The couple had five children: Pat, Kay, and Diane, all of whom have passed away - Roger, 63, and Barrie, who is 61 and lives in Guenever Close, Thornhill, Cardiff.
Among today's batch of entries is a picture of 14-yearold Jon Hope of Guenever Close, Thornhill, at the Acropolis, Athens, catching up on all the latest news and sport from South Wales.