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Guatemalans," Menchu told Guatemalan TV station Guatevision.
LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education has joined forces with La Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala (FAFG), a Guatemalan forensics organization, to collect video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Guatemalan Genocide, which killed some 200,000 civilians in the early 1980s, mainly indigenous Mayans, at the hands of a military junta whose leader was convicted of genocide and war crimes in May 2013.
By publicly aligning itself with the diverse coalition of Guatemalan citizens seeking immediate democratic reforms, the United States has an opportunity to bolster a democracy that Guatemalans deserve and lay the foundation for a constructive relationship with an emerging Guatemalan political class.
6, since Guatemalan law has no such requirement (NotiCen, May 3, 2012).
Guatemala was still involved in a civil war, and although an official peace agreement was in the initial stages of being drafted, the Guatemalan coffee industry and its 300,000 producers would waste no time in rebuilding the strength of its main source of employment and the backbone of the national economy
Claudia Paz y Paz, on a visit to the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala s laboratory, where work is being done to identify the remains of Guatemalans killed in the civil war.
Mostly young Guatemalans organized the "climb for life," and called on supporters who took part to form a giant human 2012, with the goal of making this year the year that domestic violence stops.
For the first time in 57 years, the government of Guatemala is issuing an official apology to the family of the former President of the Republic of Guatemala, Colonel Juan Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, popularly known as "The Soldier of the People" for human rights violations by the Guatemalan state.
Since Guatemalans do not feel that they have any ability to affect social change, conversion to an individualized and private citizenship is a rationale response.
Attorneys representing the Guatemalans asked the Obama administration to set up an out-of-court claims process similar to those established in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the Sept.
It is a fact that Guatemalans should have already begun to consider if we want the candidate of the cartels as Samper was in his time in Colombia.
There are 75,000 Guatemalans in New England; Rhode Island has so large a population - 30,000 - that the Guatemalan consulate for New England is located in Providence.
of Northern British Columbia, Canada) conducted the research that resulted in this book among Guatemalans living in southwestern Ontario, Canada, and with their family members and friends that stayed behind in an effort to understand the transnational aspects of their social space.
Some Guatemalans have even discriminated against the indigenous groups for their ethnic exclusivity.