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a native or inhabitant of Guatemala

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The Palestinian Ministry called upon the Guatemalan people and their various representatives "to continue exerting pressure to push their government to back down from this unjust decision, which threatens the friendly relations between the Guatemalan and Palestinian people.
volunteers worked beside 900 Guatemalan volunteers to serve more than 25,000 Guatemalan patients.
The Company is committed to the human and civil rights of all Guatemalan people and supports communities rights to freedom of expression and assembly in a lawful manner.
would be serving a formal extradition notice to the former Guatemalan vice-president at a future date.
Guatemalan law enforcement institutions, courts, and other agencies demonstrated greater effectiveness against drug trafficking in 2016.
Drawing on declassified CIA documents and Guatemalan military sources, this book relates the story of Project PBSuccess, the CIA's covert operation to overthrow Guatemalan President Jacob Arbenz in 1954, who was seen as a communist influence in Central America.
The Guatemalan government says Alvarado Ruano, his father, and his 11-year-old brother were attacked as they planted crops in the border community of San Jose Las Flores, on the border between the department of Peten and Belize.
9 magnitude quake struck near the frontier, and much of the damage was reported in the Guatemalan border region of San Marcos, where it downed power lines, opened cracks in buildings and triggered landslides which blocked roads.
But operating a camioneta is dangerous business; local Guatemalan gangs ruthlessly extort protection money, and nearly 1,000 camioneta drivers and fare collectors have been murdered since 2006 for being unwilling or unable to pay.
Guatemala was still involved in a civil war, and although an official peace agreement was in the initial stages of being drafted, the Guatemalan coffee industry and its 300,000 producers would waste no time in rebuilding the strength of its main source of employment and the backbone of the national economy
In revealing the existence of the operation earlier this month, Defense Minister Ulises Anzueto said the Marines would be in the country for two months, working alongside 2,000 Guatemalan troops.
Six English titles and six Spanish editions of Stories of Guatemalan Art to be released September 1, instill pride in Guatemalan immigrants and teach others to appreciate their culture too.
New President Otto Perez, a rightwing general who took office last Saturday, arrived on the scene by helicopter and handed a Guatemalan flag to the movement s leader.
Guatemalan women and children are found in forced and child prostitution within the country, as well as in Mexico and the United States.
The lawsuit comes after revelations that US scientists studying the effects of penicillin in the 1940s deliberately infected about 700 Guatemalan prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and orphans.