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a native or inhabitant of Guatemala

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celebrated the resignation as a triumph for Guatemalan society.
In addition to the testimony project with FAFG, USC Shoah Foundation will host an international academic conference next year on the Guatemalan Genocide through its research unit, the Center for Advanced Genocide Research.
Absent reform, elections would hand-deliver a mandate to the opposition and usher in another four years of Guatemalan politics controlled by a criminal mafia.
The events were attended by more than 250 people including representatives from the Supreme Court of Justice, the Prosecutor s Office for Financial Crimes, the Presidential Commission for Transparency and Electronic Government (COPRET), the National Police, the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry, British businesses in country, Transparency International chapter for Guatemala, and academia.
9 magnitude quake struck near the frontier, and much of the damage was reported in the Guatemalan border region of San Marcos, where it downed power lines, opened cracks in buildings and triggered landslides which blocked roads.
In January 2010, the Guatemalan police captured Portillo as he attempted to flee the country a day after US authorities charged him with laundering US$70 million through US bank accounts and requested his extradition (NotiCen, Jan.
In the late 1980s I was getting some Antiguas, but then we went on a tour to Guatemala to learn about Guatemalan coffee.
8220;Many Mayans sought asylum in the United States during the Guatemalan Civil War from 1960 to 1996,” stated Dr.
Guatemala: About 12,000 Guatemalans linked hands Saturday on a giant heart banner on the slopes of a volcano crater to draw attention to the scourge of domestic violence.
For the first time in 57 years, the government of Guatemala is issuing an official apology to the family of the former President of the Republic of Guatemala, Colonel Juan Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, popularly known as "The Soldier of the People" for human rights violations by the Guatemalan state.
While the murder of Guatemalan women has captured world-wide attention, in what has become known as "femicide," for every murdered woman, eight Guatemalan men are also killed.
The lawsuit comes after revelations that US scientists studying the effects of penicillin in the 1940s deliberately infected about 700 Guatemalan prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and orphans.
Summary: The US has apologised for 1940s experiments that deliberately infected Guatemalan prison inmates, women and mental patients with syphilis.
You highlighted three distinguished Guatemalans in your June issue: Aria Maria de la Roca, Luis Eduardo Sandoval, and well-known Arturo Arias, winner of the Guatemalan National Prize in Literature.
Majestic volcanoes of cocaine, vast fields sown with poppy, ferocious ex-kaibiles [Guatemalan special forces trained in anti-guerrilla tactics] contracted by the Cartel of Peten and Izabal, [one of the major cartels in the north of Guatemala] rivers of amphetamines, beautiful lakes of heroin, absolute corruption and the country's fall into the hands not only those of narco-trafficking but also those of smugglers and organized crime, including the ex-military figures that direct it such as Otto-Perez Molina, Francisco Ortega Menaldo and General Callejas [former Guatemalan military figures all involved in the civil war atrocities].