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Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)

founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)

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Guarnieri also warned a user actively spying on a device may notice an attempt to identify or uninstall the spyware, and "could instigate some unwanted reaction on their part.
So in Guarnieri, the Court began the difficult process of exhuming distinct Petition and Free Speech Clauses from the Constitution and wrestling with the implications of that history for the petition right in the context of executive and judicial petitioning.
SOUNDBITE (English) Valerie Guarnieri, WFP East Africa Regional Director
beaucoup moins que] Le PAM a commence a fournir de la nourriture aux personnes deplacees dans les premiers jours de la reprise des combats, et nous avons deja aide autour de 100 000 personnes touchees par cette crise au Sud Soudan depuis qu'elle a eclate a la mi-decembre [beaucoup plus grand que] a declare la directrice du PAM pour l'Afrique centrale et orientale, Valerie Guarnieri, qui se trouvait a Djouba.
Guarnieri, "TOPSAR: Terrain observation by progressive scans," IEEE Trans.
Losing Access to Courts in "Speech": Guarnieri and a Petition
Guarnieri was fired by the Borough of Duryea, Pennsylvania, in 2003 and subsequently filed a grievance to fight the firing.
In addition to protecting the works of the most famous composers such as Heitor Villa-Lobos or Camargo Guarnieri, by encouraging publishers holding the rights to improve the quality of performance materials, Criadores do Brasil also supports research into lesser known composers.
Mya Guarnieri talks today in Tablet Magazine to Filipinos, both evangelical Christian and Catholic, in both Tel Aviv and the Philippines, who happen to love Israel and Judaism.
Nonetheless, Romana Guarnieri sees in the Chantilly manuscript an older "linguistic residue remaining underneath the text's fifteenth-century modernization," (11) whereas Povl Skarup disagrees, arguing somewhat inconclusively for its lexicon's lateness and pointing out a number of words forged later than 1500 (or else the Mirror marks their earliest known written appearance).
Ainda sobre adolescencia, Aida Souza Morales e Cecilia Guarnieri Batista indicam que o conceito de sexualidade apresentado por jovens com deficiencia intelectual revela a influencia de fatores socioculturais bem estabelecidos.
John Guarnieri, Associate Chief Counsel; Ruth Spadaro, Associate Chief Counsel; John Gilbert Sr.
Silvio Guarnieri starts his book L'ultimo testimone with an article on Montale that in turn sets the tone for the entire volume: "Ho conosciuto Montale nel dicembre del 1930, al caffe delle <<Giubbe Rosse>> di piazza Vittorio a Firenze.