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Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)

founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)

a violin made by a member of the Guarneri family

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Entre otros, la duquesa mantiene una relacion extramarital con Franz Liszt (1811-1886) y podemos dar por bueno que el Guarnerius suena en muchas veladas despues del amor acompanado por el piano del virtuoso hungaro.
James followed the Guarnerius model and set to work on the long painstaking process of selecting the wood before cutting and shaving each panel a fraction at a time to the correct thickness.
Catalog descriptif des instrnments de Stradivarius et Guarnerius del Gesu (a facsimile of the notebook of Charles-Eugene Gand (1870-1889), Spain: Les Amis de la Musique, 1994.
My violins are based on instruments made in the early 18th century in Cremona in Italy by Guiseppe Guarnerius del Gesu and Antonio Stradivarius.
There are two essential turning points in Charlottes violin: the strikingly beautiful Charlotte's debut at the Carl Nielsen Concert Hall in Odense, a performance event which leads Mogens Fausting to search for the perfect companion instrument-a Peter Guarnerius violin-for his love, Charlotte, and an occasion magically transforming Charlotte and "making her perfect and complete"; and the hundredth anniversary of the Fausting concern in Aarhus, a high point for Mogens, his elderly father, and two loyal colleagues, Dieter and Patrick.
Tinctoris, Gulielmus guarnerius, Jusquin despret, Gaspar, Alexander agricola, Loyset, Obrech, Brumel, Isaac, and other very pleasing composers have often followed this procedure' (Practica musicae, trans.
Only these three are included among the "Memorabilia" in appendix B, but alone in three letters (18 September 1862 and 2 July 1865 to his son Alexander, also a violinist, and 4 June 1866 to the conductor Johan Hennum) he mentions owning three Guarnerius violins, a "large size" Nicolaus Amati, a second Gasparo da Salo, and one by the brothers Antonius and Hieronimus Amati, a violin, viola, and 'cello by Joseph Guarnerius, and another "lovely" 'cello.
It's a Guarnerius, but Joseph del Gesu's uncle, not Joseph.
Hay Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Amatis y demas gemas de la lauderia cremonesa que fueron adquiridas bajo la consigna de que fueran las mas caras del mercado.
It's my dream to have a Guarnerius, because there's something you can't describe, that you can't have in a new violin.
Travelling with her, however, is her 1739 Guarnerius del Gesu violin.
It was known he had two fine violins - the 1713 Stradivarius known as the Gibson after its original owner, George Alfred Gibson, and a Guarnerius he planned to use that night.
Habrian mas muestras de esos resplandores al decidirse a regalar su violin Andrea Guarnerius Sanctae Theresiae de 1683, instrumento que habia pertenecido a Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) en la epoca en que compuso su sonata II trillo del diavolo, al gobierno de Mexico.
The 1715 Guarnerius cello was a joy, a perfection of luscious tone which was never allowed to stray into sentimentality.
El 3 de abril de 1827 aparece como fecha de entrega de la medalla aurea concedida a Nicolo Paganini, el temerario que habia degradado a los canones de Napoleon con la potencia sonora de su Guarnerius.