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Now, I ask you, you blundering booby," said my guardian, very sternly, "once more and for the last time, what the man you have brought here is prepared to swear?
Mike looked hard at my guardian, as if he were trying to learn a lesson from his face, and slowly replied, "Ayther to character, or to having been in his company and never left him all the night in question.
Mike looked at his cap, and looked at the floor, and looked at the ceiling, and looked at the clerk, and even looked at me, before beginning to reply in a nervous manner, "We've dressed him up like--" when my guardian blustered out:
The Guardian of the Gates found a pair that would just fit Dorothy and put them over her eyes.
Then the Guardian of the Gates put on his own glasses and told them he was ready to show them to the Palace.
Indeed, he sometimes showed less respect for the old woman than he should have done, considering she was his guardian.
It's my business to know who's coming, for I'm the Guardian of the Gate.
Ah; I hope his fault is as small as himself," said the Guardian of the Gate.
The Guardian unlocked a closet and took from it a white robe, which the soldier threw over Ojo.
Well, and your guardian must be brave if he is to fight well?
Then now we have a clear notion of the bodily qualities which are required in the guardian.
He will not be a good guardian who is wanting in either of these two qualities; and yet the combination of them appears to be impossible; and hence we must infer that to be a good guardian is impossible.
My guardian promised to come down, if I should write and ask him.
He would restore them to her guardian when he came down; he in his turn would restore them to the cabinet from which he had unwillingly taken them; and there, like old letters or old vows, or other records of old aspirations come to nothing, they would be disregarded, until, being valuable, they were sold into circulation again, to repeat their former round.
carrying its curse with it) from one lawless Mohammedan hand to another; and still, through all chances and changes, the successors of the three guardian priests kept their watch, waiting the day when the will of Vishnu the Preserver should restore to them their sacred gem.