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a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another's benefit

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The gifts will be distributed by Guardian ad Litem volunteer child advocates to children who have been removed from their homes by no fault of their own with nearly 200 children receiving holiday presents.
He said he immediately reopened the evidence in the case to allow the guardian ad litem to testify and allow her recommendations into evidence.
This award is meaningful in that it recognizes our partnership with the Miami-Dade Guardian ad Litem Program while honoring the Voices for Children's Board of Directors," said Nelson F.
Representation for Children in the Florida Dependency System," June 2013), I feel compelled to address some of the points in her article as she presents a misleading and incorrect characterization of Florida's dependency system and the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Program.
In these particular instances, as stated above, a guardian ad litem is sought to represent those interests.
i) Between May 2006, when leave was granted for documents to be disclosed to X and July 2006, the guardian ad litem failed to secure legal aid from the Legal Services Commission for the retention of this expert.
The same pattern has now occurred under Terri's Law, which explicitly requires a guardian ad litem be appointed for a patient whose dehydration has been suspended by the governor.
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: ``When I was a Guardian ad Litem, I had a youngster who was 15 years old, and I worked with him for two years trying to get him on the right track.
The standard adds that for children who cannot express a preference, the attorney should try to determine the child's wishes or request appointment of a guardian ad litem.
Mayor Jeri Muoio today announced that The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program recognized its Palm Beach County volunteers and honored Jim Sackett, WPTV anchor with a special award.
For the inaugural campaign, Akerman became the first law firm to partner nationally with CASA and its local guardian ad litem programs.
She has extensive experience in family law matters as an attorney and as a guardian ad litem.
Statewide, the Guardian ad Litem Program depends on 8,624 certified volunteers and an additional 962 non-certified volunteers who do not carry cases to help fulfill its mission to represent the best interests of children in the dependency court system.
Some tragic, high-profile cases of child neglect and death (4) have shocked and captured the public's conscience, raising questions regarding the state's role as parens patriae and the efficiency of the Department of Children and Families and the Guardian ad Litem Program.