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coarse hairs that form the outer fur and protect the underfur of certain mammals

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This type of fiber should be raked off of the goat (not clipped) to separate the soft undercoat from the guard hairs.
An alternative explanation is transfer of the larvae directly from the guard hairs of the caribou to the human eye or skin through close contact with animal pelts.
Each hair sample was classified as Category 1 or 2, which represented the number of guard hairs with follicles collected.
The hair of California mammals with keys to the dorsal guard hairs of California mammals.
Grooming by hand to take away the long guard hairs on a short haired variety is essential and then they receive a final bath with baby shampoo.
They grew to about the size of present-day Asiatic elephants, boasted warm coats made of long, brown guard hairs and soft underwool and had large, curved ivory tusks.
The outermost three-quarters of the creature's tail, like that of today's beaver, was covered with leathery scales and some guard hairs.
The next column will examine copyright infringement, so when you hear the phrase 'waive your rights,' your guard hairs should rise since your copyright claim is voluntarily being given up.
Long, coarse hairs, called guard hairs, cover and protect the otter's short, thick underfur.
They have highly sensitive whiskers on the nose and longer guard hairs throughout the fur.
Winter guard hairs are elongated and slender when compared to the stouter summer hairs.