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the basic unit of money in Paraguay

a member of the South American people living in Paraguay and Bolivia

the language spoken by the Guarani of Paraguay and Bolivia

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Incidentally, the Guarani Indians traditionally drink yerba mate out of a bull's horn, which seems appropriate, given some of the outlandish claims that are made on behalf of the beverage.
He told the tale of Guarani Indians and Spanish Jesuit missionaries who rose up against Portuguese authorities to defend their villages, and lost.
The Guarani Under Spanish Rule is an ambitious, detailed, and thoroughly-researched revisionist historical study of the Jesuit missions established among the Guarani Indians of the River Plate region of South America from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth century.
Father Gabriel (Irons) is in charge of a group of Jesuit missionaries bringing religion, education and sanctuary to a tribe of Guarani indians in the jungle of 18th century South America.
Paraguay's Guarani Indians have known about the unique advantages of kaa he-e ("sweet herb") since long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived on their shores in the 16th century.
In that part of the world, it has long been used by the indigenous Guarani Indians both medicinally and as a sweetener in mate, an herbal tea.
Misiones, Argentina -- In 1989, Guarani Indians were forced from their ancestral, traditional lands and homes located in the Port of Iguazu.