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drought-tolerant herb grown for forage and for its seed which yield a gum used as a thickening agent or sizing material

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Then those neighbors by the thousands stopped growing lentils and millet and jumped on the guar bean bandwagon.
Guar beans are crushed to make guar gum, which has unique binding, thickening and emulsifying properties making it a crucial ingredient in the drilling slurries used to fracture shale rock formations.
Thousands of farmers in India, where most guar beans are grown, make a hard-scrabble living planting guar in July and selling their few acres at the farm-gate in October.
The guar bean (Cyanopsis tetragonoloba) project, introduced in Zimbabwe in 1998 (Nyamapfene and Mugova 2002) provides a good case for interhousehold analysis because the project is still in its infancy and therefore provides a good example of technological change.
Guar bean is commercially grown for its seed, which contains guar gum (galactomannan).
Ownership of land, livestock and farming implements by guar bean producing male-headed and female-headed households;
Time spent on guar bean production by male-headed and female-headed households and,
Access to information by guar bean producing male-headed and female headed-households.
Descriptive statistics were used to assess ownership of land, cattle and ploughs in guar bean production.
guar gum yield from the guar beans, up from 20% in the previous season.
currently commencing, we expect guar bean meal sales to start coming
Rhodia's guar-based range, mainly sold under the Jaguar trade name, is derived from vegetable and renewable fibers of guar beans.
Halliburton had warned last month that a shortage of guar beans in India would depress margins at its pressure pumping operations in shale fields, a key profit driver for the company.