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a city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China

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Int'l Conference on Intelligent Materials and Mechanical Engineering (2011: Guanzhou, China) Ed.
She was also a part of the Indian Women's Rowing Team at the Asian Games in Guanzhou in November 2010.
COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS CHINA This event will take place at Guanzhou, P.
He works with the faculty in intercultural communications in Guanzhou and has done much to bring this area of research to the forefront in China.
Initial markets include the regions around Shanghai, Beijing, Guanzhou and Sichuan Province.
The most important point on the agenda was the recommendations of the Planning Commission and the follow-up on the participation of national teams in the upcoming 16th Asian Games in Guanzhou, China, the First GCC Beach Games to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain in October 2010, as well as participation in the Arab Games in Doha in 2011.
Guanzhou Automobile is planning to list in Hong Kong stock exchange by share swap.
I am deeply grateful for their assistance, especially that of Xiaohuai Wang, MD, a senior oncologist based in Guanzhou, as well his colleague, Lucy Li, and others.
Zengcheng City, Guanzhou, China, which will double its production capacity in China.
The only difference between markets in Guanzhou in southern China and those in cities in northern China is that more (2-9) booths are used to sell live birds in Guanzhou.
In 2004, Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile set up an automobile production base, Guanzhou Toyota Motor Co.
115A Guanzhou Likin Stock Company 2106 Haelssen & Lyon 509 Hamburger Teehandel GM 1014 HIMCOOP Himalayan Tea Producers 717 Importea Corporation PT 1000 Market Grounds 519 Martin Bauer 915 Mount Everest Tea Co.
People over here are surprised that we still exist and that we have our own language and culture," said Binette, who has taken his band to play in a hotel in Guanzhou in mainland China, a disco in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, and the Hyatt in Oman in the Middle East.
So far, about nine international seminars and demonstrations, which include the Trenchless Tech Beijing 2001 and Trenchless Tech Guanzhou 2002 have been held in China.
In Hong Kong, a representative of the group told a local radio station that protest activities were also reported from Guanzhou and Shenzhen, both in Guandong Province, and Guiyang, Guizhou Province, on Wednesday.