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a city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China

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Born on April 26, 1917 in Guanzhou China, Ieoh Ming Pei is often called the master of modern architecture.
Dusit Devrana Hot Springs & Spa Conghua, Guanzhou The key feature of this luxury resort is the comprehensive indoor and outdoor hot springs experience, featuring a choice of 23 therapeutic, aromatic, splash and foot reflexology pools, as well as a hot stone relaxation room.
During the 16th Asian Games in Guanzhou, China, Philippines placed 17th.
In Guanzhou four years ago, China set a new record with 199 gold medals, while second-placed South Korea had just 76 golds.
Right: The Meaning of Being as Single Educated Chinese Female over 30 in Beijing and Guanzhou," Women's Studies International Forum 40: 222-229.
La segunda ocurrio en la ciudad de Urumqi, con tres muertos y 79 heridos, y la tercera tuvo lugar en la estacion de Guanzhou, capital de la surena Guangdong, con seis personas heridas.
In Guanzhou, she can meet the Chinese in the third round.
Al-Sager attended the formal dinner, along with diplomats of various countries based in the city of Guanzhou.
Although the total cost of the line has not been revealed, the section between Wuhan and Guanzhou was reported by the Chinese media to have cost in the region of GBP11.
Int'l Conference on Intelligent Materials and Mechanical Engineering (2011: Guanzhou, China) Ed.
She was also a part of the Indian Women's Rowing Team at the Asian Games in Guanzhou in November 2010.
COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS CHINA This event will take place at Guanzhou, P.
He works with the faculty in intercultural communications in Guanzhou and has done much to bring this area of research to the forefront in China.
Initial markets include the regions around Shanghai, Beijing, Guanzhou and Sichuan Province.