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a male Bodhisattva

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Although the narration only mentions the name Guanyin, the other knights are associated with the Bodhisattvas Wenshu, Dizang ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (Ksitigarbha), Dashizhi ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (Mahasthamaprapta) and Puxian ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (Samantabhadra), or the generic name "Bodhisattvas" is simply used.
This intricately decorated depiction shows Guanyin sitting serenely on a stylized lotus, the Buddhist symbol of the soul's progress.
Different colours remaining on the unearthed Guanyin figure in Gao'an show that this sculpture was first burned into a colourless one and then painted with colours.
The worship of Chinese gods such as Guanggong or the Guanyin Pusa took place in private in the back rooms of cafes, restaurants, and boarding houses.
2007) in East Asia is < 1 km for 24 hr; and b) at least one of the air quality monitoring stations (Wanli, Guanyin, Danshui, and Yilan stations) observed PK.
The bodhisattva Guanyin Mia [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], observing this behavior and moved by the butchers compassion, led his soul to the Western Paradise.
Some community members who questioned the appropriateness of placing a religious image in a public space wanted a statue of the Bodhisattva Guanyin removed from the entrance to Da'an park in central Taibei.
50) In China, where the bodhisattva's feminization as the Son-bringing Kannon (Chinese: Songzi Guanyin [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) was first established, her figure already caused a serious confusion with the Catholic icon of Mary.
Elaborate openwork and piercing also featured, while Buddha figures; Buddhist symbols such as lions and lotus leaves and figures of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, all typically date to this period, when guilds of carvers and craft shops prospered.
Wang Guanyin won the parallel bars gold medal with 15.
The new mood will be very Christian Lacroix - bejeweled, bedazzled, colours like emerald," says Bronwen, citing the Guanyin vase in imperial green by Vaughan Lighting, or a Murano glass vase.
Personal salvation and filial piety; two precious scroll narratives of Guanyin and her acolytes.
This is in large part because Guanyin was the "epitome of love and compassion" (Olson 159) in Mahayana Buddhism.
Using four selections from the tenth to twelfth centuries from Lopez's book, "Buddhist Ritual and the State" (390-396), "A Sutra Promoting the White-robed Guanyin as Giver of Sons" (97-105), "Zhu Xi on Spirit Beings" (106-119), and "Shrines to Local Former Worthies" (293-305), we engaged students in an intense intellectual seminar on how these three religions or ideologies had by this historical point completely merged into one entity in the common people's spiritual identification.
The Government banned the Falun Gong, the Guan Yin (also known as Guanyin Famin, or the Way of the Goddess of Mercy), and Zhong Gong (a qigong exercise discipline).