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a province in southern China

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This branch expands our support of the ongoing, positive economic reforms taking place in Guangdong Province and throughout Southern China," said Rosenberg.
Titan Petrochemicals Group, a provider of oil logistic and marine services, has inked a supplemental deal with energy trading company Guangdong Zhenrong Energy, on September 10.
After the conference, the two delegations witnessed the signing of seven letters of intent and co-operation agreements, including the co-operation agreement between Hong Kong and Guangdong on speeding up transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong-funded processing trade enterprises in Guangdong, and the framework agreement on exchanges and co-operation in food safety for Hong Kong and Guangdong.
Thousands of chickens have been culled in Guangdong and Hong Kong this year.
With the completion of the Guangdong CGL, POSCO can now offer integrated operations from production to processing and sales through POSCO China and 11 processing centers, which previously took products from Gwangyang Steelworks then processed them at the 11 processing centers for sales.
Yangchun City, located at the middle upper course of the Moyangjiang in Guangdong Province, is the second largest county (city) of Guangdong Province.
Representatives from 19 leading Guangdong firms and government enterprises-including Guangdong Guangye Asset Management (mineral resources), Guangzou Dajunmei Electric (consumer electronics), Landrent Investment Ltd (enterprise management), Qinyuang Takson (tea), Qinyuang Silver Field (tin and scrap metal processing), Qinyuang Shengli Copper Materials (copper processing), and First Rare Materials Co (producer of high purity metals including selenium, tellurium, cadmium)-were present for B2Bs with more than 20 Lankan firms such as D Samson Industries, Akbar Bros, Mt Lavinia Hotel, Robert Agencies, Abans PLC, Oviklo Int l, and Agility Logistics.
Moreover, analyses showed that RNA segments encoding NS, NP, PB1, and PB2 of A/Guangdong/H7N9 isolated after November 2013 were most similar to the same segments from influenza A(H9N2) viruses that had recently circulated in Guangdong (online Technical Appendix Figure, panels D-G).
According to government statistics, nearly 500,000 Hong Kong residents choose to work, travel, or retire in Guangdong every year, including approximately 100,000 retired citizens living in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Dongguan, etc.
To cash in on this trend, the tourism authorities of Hong Kong and Macau have teamed up with Guangdong, a bustling Chinese province, to give Indian travellers a threein- one option.
Huang became the Chinese Communist Party's deputy secretary of Guangdong in 1993 and party secretary of provincial capital Guangzhou between 1998 and 2002.
Guangdong wants to lead a pilot project that would allow some families to have a second child.
Kuwait City is considering becoming a sister city with Guangzhou, the capital of south China's Guangdong Province, Kuwaiti Consul General in Guangzhou Abdulwahab Al-Sager said Wednesday.
26, 2010 (CENS) -- The seven-day Taiwan visit led by the Guangdong Provincial Governor Huang Huahua ended last week, resulting in orders worth US$7.