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(Buddhism) a female Bodhisattva


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In particular, Karen's grandmother revered Guan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy.
An assortment of bespoke teas for example Dragon s Well Green Tea, Four Seasons Oolong, and High Mountain Tie Guan Yin are served as well.
A selection of bespoke teas such as Dragon's Well Green Tea, Four Seasons Oolong, and High Mountain Tie Guan Yin are also served.
The key feature of the zone is the three sided statue of Guan Yin Buddha, Buddhist Temples, spectacular landscape and sea views.
Under ar-rest QUICK-THINKING housewife Guan Yin, 28, persuaded a burglar to take a nap while she ran round her home hiding all her valuables.
Tina Freeth as the Godess Guan Yin and Cho Tsang as the God Choi Sun are pictured with a giant Swan as part of the Chinese Festival held in Victoria Square and a dancer (left).
I called out to Jesus, to Guan Yin (the goddess of compassion), to God and any higher power for help.
My memory is quite vivid, of December last year, how you mother was laying in her glassroom on first floor, looking upon a statue of Guan Yin and Virgin Mary, just a few meters away from the meditation hall, always resonating with the sutra singing sounds, and always near to you.
Spokesman Mr Guan Yin said the death pit was designed to help big cats hunt in their natural habitat.
Mooncakes are best eaten with a good oolong tea, like tie guan yin, but you needn't wait -most people end up breaking them open for dessert.