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a great waterfall on the border between Brazil and Paraguay

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He proceeded to arrest 85 of the wealthiest people in La Guaira.
Virgin Islands; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; La Guaira, Venezuela; and Porto Seguro, Brazil, between September 2007 and October 2009 (Appendix 1).
They now made sail straight for La Guaira, dispensing with the need for any further general meetings of the crew.
30, and will participate in media events and a festival hosted by the Mayor of La Guaira in Venezuela on Oct.
IAC 22 nos municipios de Ribeirao Preto, Tiete, Guaira, Campinas e Ilha Solteira, em quatro anos agricolas, fazendo uso da media de todos os experimentos, nao encontraram diferenca estatistica entre utilizar regulador de crescimento de forma unica ou parcelada.
Because the fact that the Livraria Jose Olimpio has supported culture by publishing authors from all over the country does not mark it out; in this it is merely doing the same as other equally cultured publishers from the provinces, such as Globo, Nacional, Martins and Guaira.
But Mr Villegas argues that during past disasters--such the 1999 mudslides that devastated the city of La Guaira and forced the capital's Simon Bolivar International Airport to close--the airport was readily available, and increased operations to 800 a day.
This liner's mouthwatering round trip itinerary in the late 1950s and early 1960s comprised Liverpool - La Pallice - Santander - Corunna or Vigo - Bermuda - Nassau - Havana - Kingston - La Guaira - Curacao - Cartagena - Panama Canal - La Libertad - Callao - Arica - Antofagasta - Valparaiso.
Mission settlements, or "reductions," at one time covered a twelve-hundred mile swath of Paraguay, Argentina, and Guaira, which is now southeastern Brazil.
The captain began telling the sick man that they would now set sail for La Guaira and from there would come back to Santa Marta, and only then set sail for Europe.
The bus, heading toward Caracas from the coast town of La Guaira, some 12 miles away, plummeted from a 198-foot bridge.
of Circumcisions Curacao 127 Barcelona, Venezuela 10 Caracas, Venezuela 9 Coro, Venezuela 10 La Guaira, Venezuela 4 Maracaibo, Venezuela 3 Puerto Cabello, Venezuela 8 Barranquilla, Colombia 10 Cartagena, Colombia 4 Santa Marta, Colombia 1 Kingston, Jamaica 3 Spanish Town, Jamaica 3 Santo Domingo, D.
The seizure of the drugs took place when the MV Jurata arrived at Birkenhead's Victoria Dock from La Guaira in Venezuela carrying a consignment of PVC pellets.
Muratori claimed that in 1717, thirty-two reductions with a population of over 121, 168 baptized Indians existed in the province of Guaira between the Parana and Uruguay Rivers.
The flooding and landslides affected the poor, including the shanty towns in Caracas, which buried roads, houses and entire towns along 150 km of coastline to the east and west of La Guaira, the main port serving the capital).