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an island territory of France located in the eastern West Indies

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For those looking to discover Guadeloupe's heritage and culture, the "All in One" vacation offers the possibility of visiting the Ecomuseum, where visitors discover the eco-friendly traditions of the Guadeloupians and an island-hopping exploration of some of the Archipelago's hidden gems.
Sansavoir, a fellow in French at Oriel College, surveys the work of Guadeloupian and francophone writer, Maryse Conde.
The Last Brother recalled for me a few of my favorite books, which I haven't read for a long time: the French-Jewish writer Andre Schwarz-Bart's The Last of the Just and his Guadeloupian wife Simone Schwarz-Bart's A Woman Named Solitude and The Bridge of Beyond.
Murray's collaboration with the Guadeloupian Gwo Ka Masters a few years ago earned all manner of praise, too.
The contemporary period and the Caribbean are brought into play with a detailed study of the 1989 novel of the Guadeloupian writer Maryse Conde, Traversee de la mangrove.
A thrival reading list may include Octavia Butler, Toni Morrison, George Orwell, Richard Wright, bell hooks, Guadeloupian novelist Gisele Pineau, Patrick Chamoiseau, or Caryl Phillips.
In the wake of the abolitionist Victor Schoelcher, the authorities pursued a colonial policy of assimilation, attempting to stifle the Guadeloupian identity.
10 January: Etienne Leborgne, 22-year-old Guadeloupian, shot dead by police at Saint-Ouen
Born into the Guadeloupian black middle class and brought up in a closed environment, the young Maryse Boucolon assumes she is French until she goes to Paris.