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an island territory of France located in the eastern West Indies

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For those looking to discover Guadeloupe's heritage and culture, the "All in One" vacation offers the possibility of visiting the Ecomuseum, where visitors discover the eco-friendly traditions of the Guadeloupians and an island-hopping exploration of some of the Archipelago's hidden gems.
Sansavoir, a fellow in French at Oriel College, surveys the work of Guadeloupian and francophone writer, Maryse Conde.
The warm-up distances and intensities were standardized; in both conditions (SC and NH), the warm-ups were performed wearing a swimming cap, as required in Guadeloupian swimming pools for hygienic reasons.
Murray's collaboration with the Guadeloupian Gwo Ka Masters a few years ago earned all manner of praise, too.
I choose these novels because the Guadeloupian author, having lived more than half her life in Senegal, presents an important perspective on the Antillean identity quest that is directly related to her being uniquely positioned between Africa and the Caribbean.