Guadalupe Mountains

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a mountain range in southern New Mexico and western Texas

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Stomach content analysis related to condition in mule deer, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico.
The Environmental Protection Agency wants cleaner air at wilderness areas and national parks across the country, including Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend in Texas.
Guadalupe Mountains National Park (GMNP) is located in the northern portion of the Trans-Pecos along the Texas/New Mexico border.
In fact, no other genus of broadleaf tree covers the size range of oaks, from the 60-point Mohr oak (Quercus mohriana) in the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas to the 536-point valley oak (Quercus lobata), near Covelo, California.
Otherwise, the segment of the National Trail in the Guadalupe Mountains, en route to Fat Man's Pass, was pleasantly desolate.
Hidden Cave lies at an altitude of about 2,000 meters in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico.
And, in New Mexico, rugged terrain hampered firefighters in the Guadalupe Mountains, where a strong wind swept a 2,000 acre fire across containment lines.
New Mexico is a premier partner since the state offers unbelievable diversity in its outdoor activities ranging from white water rafting in the Rio Grande Gorge, to hunting in the Guadalupe Mountains, or fishing the scenic Pecos Wilderness," said Mark Baric, CEO of WebSportsman.
Or, if you can't get enough of Yosemite National Park, don't miss out on Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
Harris also noted that large samples of Pleistocene microfossils from the Guadalupe Mountains region to the north suggested that the mixture of taxa recovered from layer 2 was unlikely to represent a single-age deposit.
Torrential rains fell during the pre-dawn hours on July 25 over the Guadalupe Mountains along the Texas and New Mexico border and over the Lower Trans Pecos region of west Texas.
While crowds convene at Carlsbad Caverns, nearby Guadalupe Mountains National Park blazes with fall color and desert beauty
Pleistocene-age skeletal remains from Muskox Cave, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, are referred to O.
Three caves on the west face of the Guadalupe Mountains within Guadalupe Mountains National Park are within ca.