Guadalupe Island

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a Mexican island in the Pacific to the west of Baja California

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10 m TL female white shark was fitted with a Smart Positioning and Temperature Transmitting (SPOT2) satellite tag (Wildlife Computers, Redmond, WA) off the north east coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico (29[degrees]03'N, 118[degrees]16'W) at 10:57 a.
In 2005 the Mexican government declared Guadalupe Island a protected reserve, but it is difficult to police so far from civilization.
and photographed at Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico in July 2000.
History and status of the avifauna of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.
During that phase, the converted Navy barge pictured here conducted drilling trials off Guadalupe Island in the spring of 1961 and in the process broke existing drilling depth records by a wide margin.
Phil Bonds was able to snap a picture of 16-foot great white a mere inches away from him while diving last year off Guadalupe Island in Mexico.
In waters off Mexico's Guadalupe Island, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) engineers deployed the REMUS SharkCam, a torpedo-shaped robotic vehicle with a special system to track and film great white sharks in the ocean.
GUADALUPE ISLAND, Mexico - Man-eating animals keep us aware of our place in the natural world, said author David Quammen.
The previous northern limit at Guadalupe Island was considered an anomaly due to El Nino conditions (Kerstich 1989).
Chris Lowe, Director of the CSULB Shark Lab, will investigate, and his search for answers will take him to Guadalupe Island, off the coast of Mexico.
Luckily the predator seems more interested in the fish shoaling above the cage, in footage filmed off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, by researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.
Rod & Reel Club on a five-day trip to the albacore grounds, some 100 miles south and to Guadalupe Island, for quality yellowfin tuna.
In April 1961, CUSS I drilled the first deep sea hole in 3,800 meters of water off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.