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a battle in World War II in the Pacific (1942-1943)

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I have a joke that's not really a joke: My father's life choices fell between sharecropping and Guadalcanal.
Lying in wait was Rear Admiral Norman Scott, who sought to derail the Tokyo Express while delivering the 164th Regiment of the Americal Division to Guadalcanal.
Basilone was with the 1st Division on Guadalcanal but was serving with the newly formed 5th Division on Iwo Jima,) The USMC's 1st Division the Old Breed" made America's first offensive move against the Japanese when Guadalcanal was invaded on Aug.
Michael Kwa'ioloa, a Kwara'ae brought up in rural Malaita, speaks here from long experience of the Malaitan village communities of Honiara, the Solomon Islands capital on Guadalcanal.
He details the intense combat action as it occurred, drawing on interviews and diaries of the Marine and Army fighters of the so- called CACTUS Air Force in Guadalcanal, as well as the memories of several ex-Imperial Japanese naval aviators who fought in the battles.
Richard Bailey saw action at Guadalcanal - the site of the first American counteroffensive against the Japanese 63 years ago.
The next morning a woman from the island of Guadalcanal, rose to her feet, to tell of her years of pain since her brother was beheaded by militia from the rival island of Malaita.
He recalled an incredible dogfight that took place on 13 May 1943 over Guadalcanal Island against a U.
The former policeman rules the Weathercoast region on the southern coast of Guadalcanal and is believed responsible for the deaths of more than 50 people this year, including a government minister and close associates he thought were collaborating with police trying to capture him.
ACNS, Staff)--A member of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Nathaniel Sado, was killed in late April by a band of rebels on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.
As a captain in the Marine Corps Reserve, he was executive officer of Marine Fighting Squadron 121, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, during the battle for Guadalcanal Island (the first U.
AN AMERICAN troop ship carries inexperienced recruits to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, which is occupied by the Japanese.
The armed hijackers, residents on Malaita Island, northeast of Guadalcanal, reportedly boarded the fishing boat from a canoe and ordered the vessel's captain to head for Guadalcanal.
The Foreign Ministry upgraded its travel warning Friday for the Solomon Islands, urging Japanese people to leave Guadalcanal and postpone visits to other parts of the islands.
Indigenous militants from the main island of Guadalcanal, known as the Isatabu Freedom Movement, were willing to sign a 14-day ceasefire.