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a battle in World War II in the Pacific (1942-1943)

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The 2010 HBO miniseries The Pacific portrays in gritty, gripping detail the hard-fought Guadalcanal campaign and other campaigns that followed over the next three years.
Elrod's testimony of service in the 8th Marine Ragiment, who battled at Guadalcanal during World War II.
Roger and Dennis Letourneau offer a revisionist look at a unique Japanese operation from the Guadalcanal campaign.
During the April flash flood a number of bridge approach and other crossings on the West Guadalcanal highway were washed out.
Ferrell, after service with Edson on Guadalcanal, was seconded to the OSS and sent to China, where after the Japanese surrender Ferrell and his team identified and captured twenty-seven German spies who supplied the Japanese with intelligence, including information on Navy positions during the Okinawa invasion following the surrender of Germany.
This is a military history of Operation KE, in which Japanese forces successfully evacuated some 10,600 Japanese soldiers from impending US attack in early 1943 in the process of ceding Guadalcanal to American and allied forces.
Less than a year later, USS Blue was patrolling the same waters near Guadalcanal as Capt.
Guadalcanal Battle monument and at memorials to the Solomon Scouts and Coast Watchers and to U.
The JV comprises five gold prospective licences on the island of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, with NVL controlling 74% of it and SolGold the other 26%.
There were also many Bougainville refugees in SI, including in Guadalcanal, numbering perhaps as many as two thousand (Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1996; Lilo 2000; US Department of State 1999).
I was pleased to see Thomas Mahnken's piece on asymmetric warfare and the battles off Guadalcanal ["Asymmetric Warfare at Sea: The Naval Battles off Guadalcanal, 1942-1943" in the Winter 2011 issue of the Naval War College Review, pp.
NAVY AT GUADALCANAL provides an epic history of the most pivotal campaign of the Pacific war: Guadalcanal.
International Resource News-March 31, 2011--Solomon Gold PLC says NVL Solomon Islands Ltd taking on Guadalcanal Phase II(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
In his short write up regarding The Pacific he directly mentioned the 1903A3 as one of the rifles used on Guadalcanal.
More importantly, we regard the potential for world class gold and copper discoveries in Solomon's Guadalcanal and Fauro projects, and for nearer term economic discoveries at Mt Perry and Rannes to be realistic.