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a dip made of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onions and other seasonings

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2]]GuAc was added as internal standard, the samples were prepared for analysis of GuAc by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry as described previously (5).
Less avocado cuts the calories (to about 40), but Sabra's Classic guac isn't much higher (50), and you want more, not less, of avocado's unsaturated fat.
The Guac Nation program offers ways to increase consumer avocado demand and consumption around football gatherings.
POTUS (no-one's beating that in a Twitter handle contest) tweeted: "Respect the nyt but not buying peas in guac.
Just don't sit there with a bowl of chips and guac in front of you while you mindlessly watch the game.
Our favorite is their blackened shrimp taco with guac.
And it is not just your standard fayre - one of our favourites is the aptly named Guac 'n' Roll Burger - a juicy burger topped with bacon, cheese and guacamole.
We'd had this guac before; it is supposed to be a more fiery version of the Mexican favorite, spiced with hot pepper.
For those who are interested in making their own guac, check out the recipe we found from (http://www.
Its biggest promotion is Guac Nation, with Old El Paso, that runs from late December through Super Bowl Sunday and promotes avocados for Super Bowl parties and features specially designed bins, coupons and other incentives.
Finally, Mariano's introduced a made-to-order guacamole bar at the site, giving shoppers a chance to create their own custom recipes based on staff suggestions, with a variety of add-ins to tailor guac to individual specifications.
Buried in a blizzard of guac and sour cream and salsa, it's unrecognizable to partisans of the austere (and rice-free) parcels of refried beans and cheese found in the South.
ILLINOIS :  Jeb Bush guac bowl / Who will pay for the wall?
Also on exhibit will be Del Monte Fresh Guac, which is available in multiple varieties and sizes, and the multi-option whole avocado program.
Additional lunchbox-friendly items from the company include yogurt parfait cups with fresh fruit at the bottom, as well as 2-ounce Del Monte Fresh Guac.