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Synonyms for regeneration

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for regeneration

(biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs

feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

the activity of spiritual or physical renewal

forming again (especially with improvements or removal of defects)


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GTR gives an excellent survey of recent trade finance transactions and provides comprehensive information on the development of trade finance in all continents, including EBRD countries of operation in Eastern Europe and the CIS.
When you are thinking about making an upgrade to your driving experience, test driving the new GTR from Nissan will help you to make a great buying decision.
Following an initial distribution to GTR subscribers, the Directory is distributed at key international trade finance conferences and exhibitions over the year that Exporta organises.
Importing the Nissan Skyline GTR R32 marks the beginning of Montu Motors' efforts to provide U.
As part of our long term economic plan over Au38 billion is being invested in improving our railways over the next five years and it s great to see companies like GTR investing in the service it provides for its customers.
The GTR features a versatile search interface that allows users to search by tests, conditions, genes, genetic mutations and laboratories.
The new order comes as GTR celebrates the arrival of another fleet of Bombardier s latest technology trains, the Class 387/1.
PPI Automotive Design, a tuning company, is unveiling the Razor GTR at the Essen tuner show.
The mighty Nissan GTR Skyline will always in my book be a Skyline even though Nissan dropped the Skyline name for the new R35 GTR model and it's now only called the Nissan GTR.
Joe Saldanha Oldham, Gtr Manchester Can you answer this?
The agreement concerns the innovative Inion GTR Membrane.
IGA Worldwide, the multi-award-winning in game advertising specialist, has signed a multi-year exclusive agreement to integrate its Radial (R) in game advertising technology into SimBin's stable of officially licensed racing video game titles - GTR, based on the FIA GT and a recently announced new series to be based on the World Touring Car Championships.
GTR is the world's leading international trade finance magazine, read by and featuring the market's key banks, credit insurers, corporates, traders, law firms, brokers and consultants.
GTR"), whereby GTR will have the option to earn a 50% interest in the Company's San Diego property by expending USD$1.
A FURTHER to your previous answer, I was born on Urmston Lane, Stretford, Gtr Manchester and the factory was down the road.