mole cricket

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digs in moist soil and feeds on plant roots

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Gramineae Seed Animals: Libyodrilus violaceus Eudrilidae Fragments (Earthworm) Pachybolus ligulatus Pachybolidae Fragments (Millipede) Aiolopus thalassinus Acrididae Fragments (Grasshopper) Acrotylus blondeli Acrididae Fragments (Grasshopper) Heteropterus thoracica Acrididae Fragments (Grasshopper) Oeduleus nigeriensis Acrididae Fragments (Grasshopper) Paracinema luculenta Acrididae Fragments (Grasshopper) Gryllotalpa africana Gryllotalpidae Whole/fragments Macrotermes subhyalinus Termitinae Whole Trinervitermes germinatus Termitinae Whole Mellodon downer Cerambycidae Whole/Fragments (Beetle) Ceropleus sp.
Gryllidae, Gryllotalpidae, Tettigoniidae and Haglidae), with some exceptions, generate sounds on a tegmino-tegminal basis, rubbing together specialized regions of the forewings or tegmina (Morris 1999).
Very few molecular sequences resolved to species level in the Gryllotalpidae have been deposited into GenBank (but see Kim et al.
Representatives of the family Gryllotalpidae are distributed worldwide, other than in the polar regions (see distribution maps in Eades & Otte 2010).
Family/species Life stage Body length observed (mm) * Tetrigidae Tetrix ceperoi Adult (G) 8-13 Tetrix subulata Adult (G) 9-14 Tetrix undulata Adult (G) 8-11 Acrididae Chorthippus parallelus Nymph (G) 4-15 Omocestus viridulus Adult (W) 15-22 Gryllotalpidae Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa Nymph/adult (G) 35-46 * Body length taken from Marshall & Haes (1988) and measurements of captive grasshoppers by the author.
1990 Gryllidae Teleogryllus commodus Prestwich & Walker 1981 Gryllidae Anurogryllus arboreus Hack 1997 Gryllidae Acheta domesticus Prestwich & Gryllotalpidae Scapteriscus borellii O'Sullivan 2005 Prestwich & Gryllotalpidae Scapteriscus vicinus O'Sullivan 2005 Mispagel 1981 Tettigoniidae Insara covilleae Stevens & Josephson 1977 Tettigoniidae Euconocephalus nasutus Stevens & Josephson 1977 Tettigoniidae Neoconocephalus robustus Van Hook 1971 Tettigoniidae Conocephalus fasciatus Bailey et al.