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Swiss cheese with small holes

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13 sealed envelope with mention "LOT 1 - Reconstruction of the bridge on the Treme Gruyeres - DO NOT OPEN" .
In the pipeline are, for example, a short documentary, and 3D tours of both the Giger Bar in Gruyeres and Giger's private garden.
After a tour around Gruyeres Castle, we sat down in Le Chalet restaurant where I happily dipped bread, potato and anything else I could stick my fork into the heated pan of melted cheese.
The underground cheese vault that lay ahead in Gstaad was a bizarre discovery but I was equally stunned by what we stumbled across along the cobbled streets of Gruyeres.
HR Giger describes the Giger Bar in Gruyeres as "the dot on the 'I' for the museum, illustrating that art is something you can use in everyday life.
To create Giger Bar, Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is taking the key elements of Giger Bar Gruyeres and reforming them to fit the perfect space in the U.
With the introduction of the Ohmgeld to Gruyeres (a duty imposed on goods sold), the tax to be paid on cheese was fixed.
From La Maison do Gruyere, the Chemin climbs to Gruyeres atop its 748-metre mound.
Multidisciplinary project for the construction of four car parks in Gruyeres.
01-31 Dec: "Once upon a time there was Gruyeres", Advent-Calendar, Gruyeres
After feeling as if you were living in Heidi's time, you'll suddenly find yourself in Gruyeres amid the works of H.