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a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix


type genus of the Gruidae: typical cranes

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The model of UV Grus plotted in figure 4 is sound despite a reasonably high noise value in the data.
Star Observing period Integration time UV Grus September 2008 50 seconds Table 2: This table presents minima from UV Grus V Filter 2008.
Perhaps the most famous object in Grus is the exceptional planetary nebula IC 5148/50, the only one in the constellation.
During an asterism search a long string of stars about 5 degrees north-west of alpha Grus was found, and although not yet confirmed as a Streicher object in the Deep Sky Hunters Catalogue, this STREICHER asterism is probably one of the longest star strings seen so far--almost 20 arc minutes long and stands out quite well against the star field (see sketch).
The galaxy NGC 7213, which is also a member of the Grus cluster of galaxies, was discovered by Sir John Herschel during his stay at the Cape of Good Hope between the years 1834 and 1838.
Super Furry Animals singer Gru Rhys - distantly related to Evans - has been obsessed with the explorer's story since he was a child.
Gru , from Bethesda, in Snowdonia, wondered how the tattooed and pierced idealist came to be mayor.
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