Grub Street

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the world of literary hacks

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It's discouraging that Grub Street ignored this essential reality.
Five Fat Hens - The Chicken and Egg Cookbook, by Tim Halket, is published by Grub Street, priced pounds 18.
The Basic Basics Diabetes Handbook by Jane Frank is published by Grub Street and is available from bookshops now priced pounds 7.
Orwell had read only a few of the novels, but "merely on the strength of New Grub Street, Demos, and The Odd Women I am ready to maintain that England has produced very few better novelists.
It could be that Stanley was being paid by the word--a not uncommon arrangement on Grub Street, where, lo these many years, he has made his residence.
In dealing with Religio Bibliopolae, Havenstein examines traces of Religio Medici in the 1691 work, only to lament the depredations of Grub Street on its source materials.
It is fascinating to read about eighteenth century Georgian London with its Grub Street, gin craze, streetwalkers, literary and theatrical stars, scams, scandals, disorder, and death.
Their ruthless treatment of writers was often appalling; they set writers to work in the literary sweatshops of Grub Street, paying them as little as possible while retaining publishing rights for as long as possible.
No better corrective may be found than George Gissing's New Grub Street, the The Information of its day (Amis had to have had it in mind) and still a startlingly pertinent picture of the literary life.
Volumes 3 and 4 of this impressive ongoing scholarly project cover some of the most momentous events in the life of this important late-Victorian writer: The death of his separated wife from his first disastrous marriage; his second unwise marriage; and, above all, the writing of his two finest novels--New Grub Street and Born in Exile.
Her other works include Grub Street Abroad: Aspects of the French Cosmopolitan Press from the Age of Louis XIV to the French Revolution (1992).
Most of them are Grub Street writers center members.
com ; the Grub Street food site; the entertainment and culture news site Vulture ; the full-fledged fashion and lifestyle site The Cut ; and the twice-yearly New York Weddings and New York Design Hunting magazines.
Cameron is a a good-looking swine and this makes the ageing gargoyles of Grub Street liverish.