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the capital of Chechnya in southwestern Russia


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The writer, whose novel had celebrated Peter the Great and won for him a Stalin Prize, helped elevate Ivan with his play Ivan Groznyi.
Semenov recalls that in July 1969 the SSM-equipped cruiser Groznyi (Kynda class/pr.
carrier groups were met by four cruisers (Moskva, Dzerzhinskii, Groznyi, the gun-armed light cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov [Sverdlov class/pr.
As resupply efforts began, the flagship Volga, the SSM cruiser Groznyi, and the SAM destroyers Krasnyi Kavkaz, Provornyi, and Skoryi (all Kashin class) began tailing the U.
56PLO), both armed with guns only, replaced the SSM-equipped cruiser Groznyi and a Kashin-class SAM destroyer trailing the Independence south of Crete.