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the capital of Chechnya in southwestern Russia


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I saw dreadful things during fighting in Grozny, but that massacre was beyond comparison," he wrote of this week's break-out of 2,000 rebels from Grozny.
He was named as Terek Grozny coach on January 18 in a move that sparked amazement from football fans in the region, who have endured two separatist wars since the mid-1990s.
But a Russian search and rescue team found his body as senior officers reported little headway in the week-long drive to storm Grozny.
Acting president Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the last rebel stronghold in Grozny had fallen and the military operation to liberate the Chechen capital was over.
Under that pact, Russian troops have been withdrawing from the Chechen mountains and Grozny, which the rebels overran this month - killing hundreds of Russian troops.
Elated Chechens danced and shouted for joy in villages west of Grozny as convoys of rebel fighters drove out with fists raised victoriously.
Grozny deputy mayor Supyam Makhchayev said: "The explosion was premeditated.
16, three Russian soldiers were killed and 12 wounded in Grozny when their truck was blown up by a remote-controlled land mine.
President Vladimir Putin condemned the attack, which killed the Moscow- appointed deputy mayor of Grozny and wounded the devastated capital's mayor.
Checkpoints are set up around Grozny and traffic into and out of the city is halted, as Russian troops sweep the city in search of rebels.
A Chechen commander said the Russian soldiers were killed in a battle outside the village of Alleroy, 30 miles east of Chechnya's capital Grozny.
As the block lay in ruins, the head of the pro-Moscow administration in the breakaway Russian republic said: "Just as before, the terrorists act as if they were masters of Grozny.
GROZNY, Russia, September 16, SPA -- A suicide bomber wounded six police officers in Grozny - the capital of Chechnya on Wednesday, officials said.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov played alongside former Dutch international Ruud Gullit for Team Grozny.