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a protective structure of stone or concrete

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The project consists of constructing five groynes from the beach with lengths ranging between 135 and 165 metres.
The proposed groynes are composite type made of timber logs fixed to steel piles instead of conventional rubble mound structures for aesthetic reasons.
They were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught by the tide, which pushed them up against the groynes.
We posted a lifeguard on each groyne to try and stop people going near them, but people kept piling into the sea, even though the red flag was up.
Groynes and windfarm at Redcar, by John Rymer, of Skelton Green
The project scope includes offshore sand sourcing, excavation/reclamation works, fill compaction, beach filling/profiling, rock revetment groynes and detachment breakwaters.
Rock breakwaters, two rock groynes, a near shore multi-purpose reef and more shingle on the beach will be created.
It was marked by groynes every 20 metres or so and was a fairly inhospitable pebble beach.
The wall was rebuilt higher and 100,000 tonnes of boulders brought in to build four groynes into the bay to reduce the impact of incoming waves.
The timber groynes have been refurbished, extended and replaced along the warren to help hold sand on the beach.
Among suggestions for new flood defences, rock groynes proved popular with those who visited a public consultation.
As the crew arrived at the lifeboat station, one of them saw a speed boat swamped by a wave near the groynes, close to the Granville Terrace slipway.
Shortly after this, the lifeguards noticed two people getting into difficulty on the rock groynes.
Mr Williams said when the hundreds of tonnes of pebbles were brought to the beach 11 years ago a decision was made to get rid of wooden groynes, or jetties, that had been used to prevent erosion.