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stock of a corporation that has had faster than average gains in earnings and is expected to continue to

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today highlighted its disciplined approach for selecting high-quality growth stocks that are likely to emerge as frontrunners in the next market phase, using criteria centered on earnings per share (EPS) growth stability.
stock markets, value stocks fared better than growth stocks every time.
Basic investment principles dictate that you buy growth stocks when the share price is undervalued or low.
Large capitalization (large cap) growth stocks are securities which fall into the Russell Top 200[R] Index.
Lincoln believes that growth stocks will be the most promising sector in 1995.
While the growth style of investing underperformed in 1992 and 1993, Neel believes that now may be the time to buy growth stocks rather than to sell them.
Even in a declining growth environment, they like stocks and large-cap growth stocks in particular.
One reason growth stocks lagged value in 1993 was the prospect of major health care reform.
Through the first half of the year, however, cyclicals have shown more strength while growth stocks have shown weakness.
President and CEO of SBBG, states that "we are very excited about working with Emerging Growth Stocks to assist SBBD in broadening communications about us as we work to meet the goals in our Strategic Business Plan.
Recently, cyclical stocks have provided leadership within the stock market, while growth stocks have come under pressure.
Managers know that the economy has been resilient through some challenging times, they believe that the long-awaited swing from value to growth stocks has begun and still has some ways to go, and they expect the Fed to stop raising rates before short-term rates inflict any significant damage to economic growth.
The positive environment for equities has prompted many investors to seek out growth stocks.
com/reports/c21777) has announced the addition of Growth Report: Discover Undervalued Growth Stocks to their offering.