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the rate of increase in size per unit time

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Low growth rates are now common in early adopter countries," comments Adkins.
The growth rates calculated with the above mentioned model have been presented in Table-2 below.
GDP growth rate in Cyprus during the first quarter of 2012 is negative and estimated at -1.
Much of the premium growth during that period is attributable to the hardening market, and high premium growth rates were normal across the various lines of business.
90 million metric tons, on an annualized basis, in May 2006, its growth rate having stabilized in recent months at around 2%, after declining sharply in the second half of last year.
Column headers contain the variables that are allowed to change (sales growth rate, cost-of-sales growth rate and advertising for each period) as well as the target cells (net total sales, net total operating income, gross profit ratio and net return on sales).
With the potential growth rate having declined in most eurozone countries, it is much more likely that countries will experience phases during which growth is "slow" by historical standards.
The 45-degree line splits countries in two groups: countries above this line are expected to have higher growth rates in 2005 than in 2004, and countries below it are expected to slow down in 2005 compared to 2004.
We find that a difference of one standard deviation in test performance is related to a 1 percent difference in annual growth rates of per-capita gross domestic product (GDP), This suggests that school quality has a great impact on economic productivity and growth.
During the '90s, they had their best growth rates since the 1960s.
Saturation is forcing vendors to deliver new types of systems to maintain solid growth rates.
By focusing on another type of impurity, researchers have now developed a simple method of determining growth rates along different directions in a quartz crystal.
This edition's Fact File examines three life-and-death indicators in Asia-Pacific nations: population growth rates, birth rates and death rates.
The numbers show two things quite clearly: First, more often than not, tax rates and growth rates move in the same direction--in other words, higher taxes accompany higher growth, and vice-versa.
Growth company CEOs have scaled back their anticipated growth rates for year-end to 24.