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Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically

a progression from simpler to more complex forms

vegetation that has grown

the gradual beginning or coming forth

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(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)

something grown or growing

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This ability to be bifunctional is determined by the availability of various receptors on the particular axon or growth cone, which trigger different cellular cascades in the intracellular environment (Hopker, Shewan, Tessier-Lavigne, Poo, & Holt, 1999; Song & Poo, 2001).
They stated that as the growth cone passed near the target, its receptors recognized the target, paused to deposit the cuing mechanism, and then branched to subsequently reach the target.
The growth cone provides the gateway from the extracellular matrix to the intracellular environment of the axon.
bone from midline dorsal morphogenetic spine protein-7 and growth protein-7 and growth Vicia villosa Arborization into Inhibition of axons in agglutinin (VVA) specific lamina deep lamina Molecular and Chemical Cues Target Reference Cell adhesion Growth cone of Brittis, Lemmon, molecules (CAMS), subsequent axon Rutishauser, & Silver, i.
Unique changes of ganglion cell growth cone behavior following cell adhesion molecule perturbations: A time-lapse study of the living retina.
Growth cone attraction to netrin-1 is converted to repulsion by laminin-1.
Filopodial adhesion does not predict growth cone steering events in vivo.
Do filopodia enable the growth cone to find its way?
Bryan's introduction of reserve growth cones served to reinforce the attack on the language and intent of the directive.
Bryan used his reserve growth cones to propose a February target range of $18,535 million to $18,635 million for total effective reserves.
18) Bryan's experiment with short-term aggregate growth cones swayed a few members of the FOMC.